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Information for patients

In this outpatient clinic, the BIORISONANCE therapy is used, a method of organic holistic medicine that sees the person as a whole and not as a simple sum of the individual organs.
From this information you will learn what the principles of this therapy are and in what areas it can be effectively applied.

What is the therapeutic principle?

Bioresonance therapy is a therapeutic and energy method. It exploits for therapeutic purposes the energies, or rather the own oscillations (frequencies) of the patient.
Studies in the field of biophysics have shown that the biochemical processes of the human body are controlled and regulated by an electromagnetic field surrounding it. It is a revolutionary discovery that paved the way for new applications in the field of holistic medicine.

German physician F. Morell took this knowledge and developed a new therapeutic method in 1977.
With the contribution of scientific research by Professor C. Smith of Salford University in England
In 1987, Bioresonance therapy (nameed TBR or BRT) was developed. From these researches it was possible to establish that there is a profound correlation between energy and matter, already known since the bf.e.inning of the century thanks to Albert Einstein's discoveries, as a particular electromagnetic frequency associated with any kind of organic and inorganic substance (Substances from living things, respectively, from dead matter).
The frequencies are electromagnetic oscillations linked to the movements of protons, electrons and neutrons of the atomic structure of matter, which perform energy control over all biochemical processes of living beings. Studies in the field of biophysics have shown that chemical processes in the human body are controlled and regulated by an electromagnetic field around it.
Morell realized how easy it was to intervene for therapeutic purposes directly on the level of bioenergetic control (oscillations of the electromagnetic field) (which controls his biochemical processes at all times), rather than on complex chemical processes, such as through Medicines. A device was then developed to capture oscillations from the bioenergetic control level (oscillations of the electromagnetic field) of the body and to process the individual therapeutic signals. However, since such oscillations were constituted by both physiological (healthy) and pathological frequencies, it was necessary to insert a filter separating one from the other in the "BICOM" BIORISONANCE.
At this point it was possible to deal with a targeted reduction or elimination of all pathological frequencies. (In the human organism the pathological frequencies are formed, for example, as a result of unhealthy pathologies, poisons, viruses, bacteria, genetics, etc.)
With this procedure, it is possible to eliminate the disturbance fields and strengthen self-healing and self-healing forces of the body so that it can initiate detoxification and recovery processes.

Bioresonance and its history

Since the beginning of the existence of Bioresonance, the purpose was and is still today; To allow the body to improve its self-regulation and therefore auto healing forces, is in fact the central purpose of Bioresonance.

Introduction Bioresonance History

The first use date of an EAV (acupuncture electrode according to Voll) is 1953 by Voll
The first device was Dr. Voll to determine the energy status of the acupuncture points.
During a demonstration, test, in 1954, it was discovered by chance, if the patient holds one or some of the drugs in his hand, an improvement in the metering values at the acupuncture end points. This is clearly a physical reaction rather than a chemical reaction.
This was the birth of the Medicament Test through Electrical Acupuncture  (EAP).
From then on, it is possible to determine by EAP tests what drug is most appropriate for a patient.

In order to simplify and rationalize the test process, Dr. Morel, a "disciple" by Dr. Voll, was suggested by a method that transmits information from a test panel of m Sessions with the help of a transmitter on the patient. This has been done successfully. This was given by Dr. Morel Dr., and thus introduced the idea of taking energy information of a disease directly from the patient to be exploited by modifying the signal and resuscitating this signal as therapy on the patient's body. . This was the birth of Bioresonance in 1977. Between 1977 and 1978 came the first single device (Bioresonance equipment) under the name "MORA" on the market. In the later development, a component of EAV (Acupuncture Electrochemistry) measuring instrument (EAP) was integrated in 1980 in a part of the device. In 1987, the first device (Bioresonance Device) with the name "BICOM" came on the market with a number of improvements to the technique and therapeutic level. The use of test vial comes from allergic tests. Allergies were also a health problem at that time: How can you determine the optimal effect of a drug with the EAV test, so you can also determine and discover stressful substances (intolerant cc allergens) or toxic or harmful substances for the Body . The test kits (with amps) come for the first time on the market around 1990. They were initially kits for testing food allergies and additives. You can also use a native food for an allergy, but in practice it is more efficient, having a kit, and a testing system with the most popular foods and additives. However, the use of naturally occurring substances has been of particular importance recently, owing to increases in native substances, f.e. wheat, due to the introduction of multiple fungicides, pesticides, herbicides and atmospheric changes, carry a variety of toxic substances of various magnitudes; f.e. radioactive or smog. In the years 1992-1993, the ability to test other stressors has been extended and expanded, and introduced under the name of Network Technology Testing (VTT). But over time it has proved to be a constant extension with test kits, always with new and different substances, to put it into practice as impractical. Around 1999, the Regumed company adopts a system of collection vials (ampoules with combined substances) introduced under the name "Test System with Combined Ampoules" ("KTT"); A test technique with which long tests could be overcome. With the advancement of technology, computer science to digitize (digitalize) substance information. In February 2002, after three years of developing and testing a new software for the BICOM device was introduced, where information is sorted by different pathogens, by category, they are digitally archived. A discourse at this point is whether the applied technology is capable of storing and reproducing a signal of three dimensional electromagnetic waves. (F.e. from music, archiving to MP3 format, and reproduction at the original three-dimensional state). In what areas can the therapy be applied effectively? BIORISONANCE Therapy achieves excellent results in the treatment of auto-immune aggression, such as allergies and food intolerances. However, even in the case of neurodermatitis, bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, severe chronic eczema, and polyarthritis. This therapy can lead to a large percentage of healing functional pathologies. The spectrum of therapeutic application is, however, definitely wider. Generally speaking, pathological oscillations can be captured and used for therapeutic purposes on every side of the human body. This data explains why BIORISON therapy is not limited to certain clinical frameworks. Your doctor or therapist can provide you with more detailed information. The BIORESONANCE BICOM device is a therapeutic instrument of classical medicine that considers the energy aspect of the whole organism. Therefore, there is a broad spectrum of therapeutic application that touches the different fields of medicine. Treatment should, as appropriate, be repeated several times. This depends on the type of disease or health condition. It is not to be forgotten that this is a "regulating" medicine, such as acupuncture and homeopathy in fact does not immediately show immediate effects as it may come with the chemical, but has the advantage of being causal causal and Holistic and not symptomatic. An important goal of BIORISONANCE is to stimulate the body by activating the regulating forces of one's body in the sense of a healing force. Therefore BIORISONANCE is particularly useful in case of immune deficiencies, food allergies, inhaled allergies, poisoning from environmental poisons (including amalgam) or virus, or to stimulate the healing of scars,
or to stimulate the healing of post-operative injuries.
It is also indicated for the treatment of rheumatism, pain of various kinds such as neuralgia, migraines, headaches of allergic origin and menstrual syndrome. It can also optimize the various techniques of giving birth with a specific biomedical gymnastics program. BIORISONANCE therapy has proven to be highly effective also in areas that are not accessible with other methods of classical medicine (f.e. in anti allergy therapy, in the elimination of toxins by direct reduction or elimination of the oscillations imagined in the body or Allergens and toxins).
Another major benefit is to be able to amplify the electromagnetic frequencies of drugs. For this reason, it can be used as a supplemental method during traditional treatments, above all to reduce the amount of medication to be taken and thus avoid any side effects as well as to lower the level of intoxication in the body. In practice, electromagnetic oscillations from the drug are amplified directly to the affected organism through the electrodes applied to the patient. To reintegrate and enhance the therapeutic result, mineral solutions can be prepared to which the electromagnetic signals are transmitted from the drug.
Bioresonance and a BIO energy therapy that stimulates the body to self-regain its balance and energy, leading to self-healing of functional disorders or disorders through various organs through the elimination of harmful oscillations, coming from external factors or internal imbalances Which covers all the diseases.

No side effects
There have been no side effects from the therapeutic experiences collected over the past 30 years. During the course of treatment, chronic illnesses can go to a state of mind. This is favorable, as the body signals that it can react to disturbances that last for years. Bioresonance therapy is a form of treatment that does not undergo any organic load, is not painful and therefore is ideal as a therapeutic method for children.

How does BICOM succeed in detecting the cause of organic disturbance?
BICOM is one of the most developed Bioresonance systems that contains two components: diagnostic and therapeutic. The therapeutic part is based on the principle of electromagnetic Bioresonance. That diagnostic is done taking into account of the electromagnetism testing of accu puncture points according to Voll, or kinesiology. With BICOM, thanks to a conducting electrode that is located at the endpoints of the meridians, the patient's electro-acupuncture points, it is possible to capture oscillations of, each system, every internal organ, and verify its function or condition as well as bioenergetic disorders. Allergies and inhalations can be diagnosed with food, intolerance and poisoning caused by environmental poison, amalgam (teeth fillings) or other pathologies. After a test therapy with the inverted oscillations of the substance to be tested, measure the points and verify the improvement obtained. Using subsequent measurements narrows the range of possible causes of a disorder and delineates BICOM therapy. The BICOM device has a memory that contains 307 fixed programs for over 400 indications. In addition, this system offers the ability to individualize and adapt programs with countless parameter variations to patient needs.
Another test method used is the kinesiology test wenn f.e. signal is delivered. Reverse signal produced from BICOM device from a food on the patient's body and a chinesiology test is performed to analyze whether this signal gives a positive-body response or not, to determine whether this type of therapy is good for the body at that time, or less.

How does Bioresonance therapy work?
The frequencies associated with human body organ systems range from 10 to 150,000 Hz. The particularity of BICOM is that of identifying and separating healthy oscillations from pathological ones and eliminating the pathological oscillations .
Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to eliminate the malfunctioning fields and to strengthen the body's self-healing forces so that it can initiate a detoxification and remediation process.
Electromagnetic control signals, inside and around the human body, can be captured by the electrodes connected to the patient and transmitted to the device through the cables. These signals contain all the pathological and physiological information that allows to produce a specific therapeutic signal and individual.
The aim of the therapy is to reduce, or even erase, pathological information and, if indicated, to strengthen physiological oscillations. For this purpose, pathological information can be isolated by means of a filter incorporated in the device and electroninamey reversed. The information thus inverted and retransmitted directly to the patient via electrodes will overlap the oscillation of the original. This involves decreasing or directing complete elimination, pathological frequencies, and consequent restoration of the body's ability to regulate that are no longer prevented. An improvement in the biophysical energy situation automatinamey corresponds to a gradual normalization of biochemical processes, namely the healing of the patient.
Finally, in order to obtain even more precise therapeutic signals, it is possible to use the secretions and excretions of the patient.

We need your cooperation!
You should immediately tell your therapist if you notice any serious reactions such as sweating, dizziness, or sensation to a part of the body during or after therapy. They represent important indications of the possible causes of the disease and therefore provide for its therapist important information for setting the ideal therapy.
After treatment you should drink at least 3 liters of water with little minerals daily, so that your body can quickly expel the immobilized toxins of Bioresonance therapies. Other measures that stimulate the elimination of toxins: such as enemas, frequent showers, baths with sodium bicarbonate, etc. are strongly advised.
After treatment you should stay for less than 6 hours after taking the alcohol.
It is strongly recommended to follow a balanced diet of separate meals; (Dissociated diet); at 12:00; Carbohydrates (with only one type of carbohydrate) and at the evening protein meal (with only one type of protein) in combination with a single vegetable.
It is also strongly advised to check urine PH 3 times a day for 10 days by writing a report beyond these values, including what you ate and how it was prepared. (First time: before breakfast, second time 2 hours after midday meal, and third time 2 hours after the meal in the evening.
Since it has been recently seen that food allergies and intolerances are more difficult to deal with, the ever-changing food production and cultivation changes, as new technologies are increasingly being used, but also increasingly more diversity of pesticides, fungicides and more herbicides, the patient is being asked to induce in case of food intolerance and allergies, to carry with him the native substances; the substances with which he has to do directly; f.e. foods. This also applies to home dust, and dust in the field. The last can be collected by putting a basin of water to collect these dusts. Then put them in a container, or ask your therapist for an ampoule where you can put this water with the information of these dusts, including pollen.
It is also strongly recommended that the patient perform the liver purifier program (liver cleansing) as soon as possible, but after urine pH measurement and ratio, and repeat after 2 months again and there after every 6 months.
Indeed, it can be seen that in medicine, cysts bitten so many times remains obstructed with its excrement, causing digestion problems. Unfortunately, the current philosophy is to do ectomy (surginamey remove). This, however, is again an intolerance to milk, which then difficult to deal with Bioresonance.

Limitations of therapy
There are, of course, some areas where Bioresonance therapy can not be successful, for example in certain forms of psychological disturbance or genetic damage, or advanced morphological structural damage; f.e. an slipped disc. (This issue f.e. can be solved by reprogramming the posture; global posture reprogramming).
The main goal - is often achieved - of Bioresonance therapy, however, is to offer the body a chance of self-healing and self-regulation.

Holistic Bioresonance Explanation
The equipment consisted of an input and output connected with cables with which connected electrodes were placed on certain parts of the body, tested through chinesiology. Then the electromagnetic waves from the body taken and led through these input electrodes were all inverted (inverse  Ai) or separable harmonics from the disharmonies and inverted the last (H + Di) and then through output electrodes , again emitted (transmitted) on to the body. At this point all the electromagnetic waves of the body could be taken and reinforced.
This treatment, which already had its startling effects on body self-regulation, was developed in the following years in 1987 with a division of electromagnetic waves through a separator for the detection of harmonic and disharmonic waves . The harmonic waves were strengthened, and the disarmaments were reversed, for which there was a more accurate way to allow for better self-regulation of the body. Through many tests, such as through chinesiology, programs were selected and written that could be used to improve certain body functions related to physiological and biological processes, with the improvement of various known pathologies in internal medicine.
I name this type of treatment; Where different inbound and outgoing electrodes are applied on specific parts of the body, tested through chinesiology; "Holistic Bioresonance". The Holistic Bioresonance was developed by Mrs. S. Karz in the '90s. Thanks to this therapist and researcher who has written many programs where the patient's frequencies are used to achieve a body energy balance, a variety of therapies can be made.
The main objective of the holistic Bioresonance in the forefront is to restore to the body a basic energy balance that is important not to lose unnecessarily energy. So I have tested and made therapies for situations that lose energy to the body continuously. These are; Chakra balance, energy outbreaks, geopathy (geometric and geo radiations issues), scars, electrosmog, immune system, metabolism, mandibular articulation and muscles, balance of communication between the cerebral hemispheres, and ultimately the assimilation of vitamins, minerals, and oligo-elements.

In the 1990s, a group of therapists working with electro - acupuncture expressed their interest in working with Bioresonance with which they wanted to deliver the information of a specific electromagnetic field bound to a separate ampoule containing some substance, Nosode type, homeopathic product, or toxin.
Since then, an electro-acupuncture equipment was built into the Bioresonance device according to Voll to make energy measurements in the known 20 meridians according to Voll once to the right hand and foot and once to the left hand and foot. The electromagnetic field of a specific substance, in a special glass, for the withdrawal of the electromagnetic field connected with the entry of the device of Bioresonance, is taken, which, according to the type of ampoule, strengthens the intensity of the electromagnetic field (and Case of a nosode) or reversed, and strengthened, or weakened the electromagnetic field. This modified electromagnetic field is then delivered to the body. The body reaction can be measured through the electro-acupuncture according to Voll on the acupuncture end points, in the case of a positive reaction, it reacts with more energy.
The last case came (and is used) in the case of toxins, such as heavy metals, mycoses, Preservatives like additives antioxidants or otherwise, but also in cases of intolerant foods.

With the results that were recorded in the field of food intolerance, Bioresonance was known and popular for this treatment as well as for the treatment of allergies.
It has become so well known that an entity (international pharmaceutical industry) has filed a complaint against the manufacturer of BICOM Bioresonance Equipment (through the advertising control institute); Regumed Germany, against the fact that the firm said that Bioresonance can be used to treat allergies effectively.
Regumed had to explain to the Munich Bavarian regional Court, and demonstrated the efficacy of Bioresonance Allergy and Food Intolerance treatments through numerous attestations and studies. The court ruled on the basis of the numerous attestations and materials attesting to the efficacy of Bioresonance Allergy and Food Intolerance treatments that Regumed and its therapists can continue to promote the treatment of Bioresonance as an effective therapy for allergies and food intolerances. (14.05.2009 Aktienzeichen 6U 2187/06 Urteil Oberlandsgerichts München).

In the 1990s, therapy with ampoules with isolated substances such as nosodes, homeopathic products, toxins and so on was further developed, resulting in having many ampoules according to the effect that they wanted to achieve. This is because every ampoule has only a certain and very specific electromagnetic spectrum.
Late in the 1990s, when confronted with this situation with a multitude of ampoules and having to have them all, like the electro-acupuncturists, I thought that there should be, by holistic Bioresonance, yet another simpler solution to be able to Avoid having to have, and test many ampoules, which carry a great deal of time. I found a pilot study group working with the so-nameed "combined ampoules" where in a vial the contents consist of so many substances in the same group. So you could quickly test and make therapy with more efficiency, time and quality of therapy.
Except for individual cases, however, it is possible to deal with such specific problems as the use of an ampoule of an original substance taken f.e. dust of the house, pollen powder picked up on the place where you live, up to specific poisons; As we have recently solved at the beginning of 2012 in a case of Aspis Atra's viper bite with probable crossing with Vipera Ammodytes. In this case it was necessary to have the same poison of the same viper in an ampoule in order to treat the symptoms of paralysis in an effective and definitive manner (case description of this neuro toxic accident you find on other site) .
Regumed has changed policy in the last 6 to 8 years. In fact since 2008 it promotes the dispensing of the electromagnetic field of single substances that have been fixed and saved on the hard disk of the computer. The firm does this to be independent of the manufacturer of "combined ampoules". Effectiveness is, however, questionable. So far, there is no evidence that they can fix and save them on hard disk; A three-dimensional electromagnetic field signal, and reproduce.
Apart from this, it begins to work with single substances that takes, in testing, much more time, and reduces the speed of therapy.
For now, I continue to work with holistic Bioresonance, and the "combined ampoules" with some single substances in some cases to ensure maximum effectiveness in individual Bioresonance therapy.


1. An in-depth study (about 45 minutes)
2. E.v.t. Examination of iridology (about 30 minutes)
3. Electro-acupuncture test according to Voll to record the energy situation in all meridians and discover the meridians where there is lack of energy. (About 30 minutes);
4. Test of the 5 elements, according to Chinese medicine, in the absence of energy, and their meridians connected with organs with a deficit of energy, and their causes. (About 1 hour)
5. Testing of combined ampoules, allergies, food intolerances, chemicals, Preservatives like additives antioxidants, insecticides, pesticides, mycoses and microbes. parasites.
6. Kinesiology test by preparing for the individual functionality and effectiveness of chinesiology.

The duration of the Bioresonance test is about 2.5 hours

Warning: No diagnosis is made! Test results with Bioresonance, Voll's Electro-acupuncture, and chinesiology are only for therapeutic purposes. The tests show the body response on a signal with specific electromagnetic waves. If it is suitable for the cover, a treatment strategy is made with these specific electromagnetic waves, as the test shows positive for the body. Its purpose is always to stimulate self-healing, and self-healing ability of the body.
These tests are not diagnostic in the sense of medical diagnosis. This is because they are not approved scientifinamey valid and comparable with existing diagnostic tests in medicine.
Therefore diagnoses through standard diagnostic tests known in medicine are necessary, and they must be done to conclude diagnosis made by the physician.



A1 First treatment (not necessarily the first session)
Treatment of energy outlets. This is one of the most important treatments in the treatment of the holistic Bioresonance, and allows unlocking of energy blocks that cause disturbances on the site itself or elsewhere in the body that blocks self-regulation. (Similar to the treatment of neural therapy)

A2. Treatment of scars that give energy disorders, which should be tested through chinesiology, not just those of operations, but also extracted teeth, old fractures, earrings holes, piercings and tattoos. First you test the first scar of life; the navel.

A3. Geometric and geo radiation disorders & Electrostimulation & Testing, Electro smog, Widespread Radiation, and Radio Activities.

B. Second treatment (not necessarily the second session)
B1. Testing & treatment of lateral disorders; Hemispheric function.
B2. Energy management, mandibular articulation and muscle tension treatment around the jaw and neck. So many times it solves such a twist (Neck Stiffness). This treatment is important because many meridians pass through the mandibular articulation, which with the treatment are harmonized in their energy.
B3. Increasing Functionality and Harmonization Immune System
B4. Increasing functionality and harmonization of Metabolism

C. Treatment of the assimilation of vitamins, minerals and oligo-elements.
If a vitamin, mineral, or oligo-element is introduced through food, it is not necessarily assimilated and metabolized.
Many times there are problems due to the consumption of unsaturated vitamins, minerals and oligo-elements, without accompanying or plant substances or other right vitamins and minerals that usually allow their proper assimilation.

D. Treatment of detoxification organs.
Our institute does not only deal with Bioresonance with energy programs for detoxification but it serves, and is given to the customer, their purification, with herbs to increase their functioning; ===> Purification of the axis of three; Important organs; Liver, kidney and intestines.

E. Ampoules Testing of 5 Elements and specific ampoules f.e foods.
Following detoxification of toxins, chemicals, mycoses, parasites, and treatment of allergies and food intolerances, improvement of endocrine system and organs functions.

Bibliography on the subject
Detailed information on the BIO resonance therapy is contained in the following volume of which the English version also exists.

Bioresonanz- und Multiresonanz-Therapie (BRT), Volume 1
Karl F. Haug Verlag, Heidelberg
ISBN 3-7760-1270-6

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